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DraftEdge offers the most accurate player projections, strategy, and tools to allow a single entry daily fantasy sports player be competitive for free. If you have time and prefer to craft a single entry lineup for each slate and don’t have interest in placing in large multi-entry tournaments then a lineup optimizer might be overkill for you.

Pros Use A Lineup Optimizer

No matter what slate you play, you will be facing professional DFS players. Why don’t you want the same tools they been using to beat you?

The DraftEdge lineup optimizer is for players who want a real edge over the competition. Players who want to leverage machine learning strategies to optimize their lineups. Every slate has a different strategy with historical data to base projections, some data has a significant impact on the perfect lineup, some does not.

For example, on a 13 game NFL main slate 98% of perfect lineups in the last 5 years have had a QB/WR from the same team. Most players take advantage of that, however, how do the odds change on a 8 game slate, or a 3 game? Our optimizer weighs in all likely outcomes and then optimizes your lineup to forecast the highest percentage of a successful lineup. It will allow you to create up to 100 lineups in a single clip that you can seamlessly bulk enter into DraftKings or FanDuel with just one more click.

Ready To Start Winning?

We offer packages as cheap for as little as just $9.95 per week so there is very little risk to seeing if it is right for you. You can also win a free 30 day membership by using our Draft Edge Logo Promo which you’ll often see players using at the tops of the tournaments.