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The Main Slate this week has 11 games. Stacking a QB with another offensive player has been part of a perfect lineup in the...


The Main Slate this week has 14 games. Stacking a QB with another offensive player has been part of a perfect lineup in the...


Richie James was most definitely a slate breaker on Thursday’s Showdown. As a captain Richie put up an insane 54.6 points on DraftKings which...


The main slate this week includes the $3.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire contest on DraftKings. Last week Rob Huntze won $1 million dollars on this...

Do I Really Need An Optimzer?

No. Not everyone uses an optimizer. However, each time you deposit more money in DraftKings or FanDuel remember every player using one is taking advantage of our stacks, correlations, projections and more. Sounds intimidating, but our optimizer will level the playing field. It's not possible to calculate the trillions upon trillions of combinations, stacks, correlations, etc...consistently by manually entering lineups. So as much as we appreciate the players that choose to go it alone, we would rather you join our team, leverage your background, ideas, and insight and use our optimizer to win. Ready To Start Winning?

NFL Player Projections

Lamar Jackson28.1$7.3K3.827.2$8.4K3.220
Patrick Mahomes25.9$7.9K3.325.7$9.2K2.823
Deshaun Watson25.6$6.5K3.925.2$7.7K3.33
Ben Roethlisberger24.0$6.7K3.623.7$8.0K3.030
Justin Herbert22.5$6.8K3.322.1$8.5K2.629
Joe Burrow22.4$5.5K4.121.3$7.7K2.89
Carson Wentz21.2$5.7K3.720.0$7.4K2.725
Cam Newton20.9$6.2K3.420.5$7.6K2.718
Taysom Hill20.7$4.8K4.317.5$4.5K3.932
Tom Brady20.4$6.5K3.119.9$7.9K2.52
Dalvin Cook28.6$9.0K3.227.1$10.5K2.619
Alvin Kamara23.4$9.2K2.520.1$9.7K2.112
Duke Johnson18.4$5.4K3.415.7$6.0K2.613
Antonio Gibson18.3$5.8K3.216.2$6.5K2.514
Kalen Ballage17.3$5.6K3.114.5$5.8K2.526
Derrick Henry16.9$8.0K2.116.3$8.2K2.010
James Robinson16.7$6.4K2.615.1$7.2K2.12
Ezekiel Elliott16.6$6.5K2.614.3$8.0K1.818
Aaron Jones16.5$7.2K2.314.5$8.2K1.83
Giovani Bernard16.2$5.5K2.913.5$6.3K2.14
Davante Adams21.8$8.6K2.518.3$9.5K1.914
Terry McLaurin20.6$6.9K3.016.8$7.3K2.323
Keenan Allen20.5$7.4K2.816.3$8.0K2.026
Tyreek Hill19.7$8.0K2.517.1$8.5K2.022
Adam Thielen18.8$6.3K3.016.5$7.9K2.128
Jakobi Meyers18.8$4.9K3.815.2$6.0K2.524
Justin Jefferson18.3$6.0K3.115.7$6.7K2.328
Diontae Johnson17.6$5.9K3.014.1$6.4K2.219
Julio Jones17.5$7.5K2.314.7$8.1K1.816
Tee Higgins16.6$5.9K2.813.9$6.5K2.11
Taysom Hill20.7$4.8K4.317.5$4.5K3.932
Travis Kelce18.9$7.3K2.615.7$8.0K2.08
Mark Andrews15.6$4.9K3.212.9$6.5K2.023
Darren Waller14.7$5.6K2.611.3$7.0K1.69
T.J. Hockenson12.3$4.2K2.910.2$6.0K1.720
Noah Fant11.7$4.5K2.69.5$5.7K1.76
Hunter Henry11.1$4.6K2.48.8$5.5K1.618
Hayden Hurst11.1$4.4K2.58.9$5.5K1.626
Dallas Goedert10.8$3.8K2.88.8$5.8K1.529
Rob Gronkowski9.8$4.3K2.38.0$6.2K1.314

**View the complete list of week 11 projections here

Upcoming Slates

NFL FanDuelMainSun 11/22 1:00 PM11GO
NFL FanDuel1PM OnlySun 11/22 1:00 PM7GO
NFL FanDuelSun-MonSun 11/22 1:00 PM13GO
NFL DraftKingsMainSun 11/22 1:00 PM11GO
NFL DraftKingsEarly OnlySun 11/22 1:00 PM7GO
NFL DraftKingsSun-MonSun 11/22 1:00 PM13GO
NFL FanDuel4PM OnlySun 11/22 4:05 PM4GO
NFL FanDuelLate Sun-MonSun 11/22 4:05 PM6GO
NFL FanDuelExpressSun 11/22 4:25 PM2GO
NFL DraftKingsAfternoon OnlySun 11/22 4:05 PM4GO
NFL DraftKingsAfternoon TurboSun 11/22 4:25 PM2GO
NFL FanDuelSNF-MNFSun 11/22 8:20 PM2GO
NFL DraftKingsPrimeTimeSun 11/22 8:20 PM2GO
NFL DraftKingsKC @ LVSun 11/22 8:20 PM1GO

NFL Latest

Greg Olsen (TE) has been ruled out for week 11

Joe Burrow (QB) has been ruled out for week 11

Taysom Hill (QB) projected points has decreased by 6 pts

Allen Lazard (WR) projected points has decreased by 7 pts

Teddy Bridgewater (QB) projected points has decreased by 3 pts

Dontrelle Inman (WR) has been ruled out for week 11

Brandin Cooks (WR) projected points has increased by 3 pts

Drew Lock (QB) projected points has increased by 1 pts

Diontae Johnson (WR) projected points has increased by 3 pts

Chris Carson (RB) has been ruled out for week 11

Thanks for all the love. Can’t get rid of me that easy. See ya next year✊

Source: Golden State’s Klay Thompson has suffered a season-ending Achilles tear.

Robinson Cano just forfeited his 2021 salary of $24 million dollars after testing positive for PEDs. Since this is his second offense he will be suspended for the entire season.

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