NBA Player Projections

Dominate your fantasy league with DraftEdge’s NBA Player Projections. No fluff, just hardcore data and the hottest takes on who’s gonna light up the scoreboard. We do the deep dives so you can make the plays that win days. Ready to crush it? Let’s roll.

Dive into our color-coded player insights: Blue for top-tier beasts (8+), Green for solid picks (6+), Yellow for steady players (4+), and Red for risky bets (<4). Use this guide to draft like a pro.

  • Proj: How many fantasy points we predict a player will rack up.
  • Sal: What they’ll cost in DFS cash on DraftKings or FanDuel.
  • L5 & L10: Their game in the last 5 and 10 matches.
  • Ceil: The max points a player could score in a game.
  • Pts, Reb, Ast: Predictions for points, rebounds, and assists.
  • Opp & vOpp: The competition and their history against them.
  • Def: Opponent’s defense rating—the lower, the tougher.
Player Name Pos ProjSal L5 L10 Ceil Pts Reb Ast Opp vOpp Def