MLB Batter Projections

Ah, the art of the swing – it’s more than just muscle and momentum. It’s a dance between batter and ball, statistics and instinct. Our MLB batter projections serve as your crystal ball into this intricate ballet. Curated from a rich tapestry of data, seasoned expertise, and just a pinch of ballpark magic, these projections are your secret weapon. Whether you’re strategizing for your next DraftEdge victory or fueling a friendly debate over Friday night beers, these insights will ensure you’re never caught off base.

Venture ahead, and you’ll find not just numbers but narratives waiting to unfold. And if you’re scratching your head on how to make the most of these stats? Swing by our guide below, and we’ll help you hit it out of the park.

Dive into our meticulously crafted player projections, enhanced with intuitive color coding for swift decision-making. Blue signifies a remarkable projection value exceeding 4, while green indicates values above 3, marking solid choices. Opt for yellow for standard performers with values over 2, but be wary of red – representing values less than 2, which may not be optimal for your lineup. Harness this system to seamlessly pinpoint your top draft picks.

Moreover, the page features several columns packed with valuable information to assist you in your selections. These include:

  • Proj: MLB Batter Projection – Our expert prediction of today’s fantasy points for the player.
  • BO: Confirmed Batting Order – The player’s batting lineup placement, either confirmed or the most plausible based on available data.
  • Sal: DFS Player Salary – The designated price to draft this player on DraftKings or FanDuel.
  • L5: 5-Game DFS Average – Insights into the batter’s fantasy performance across the recent 5 MLB matches.
  • L10: 10-Game DFS Average – Extended insights into the batter’s fantasy points over the past 10 MLB games.
  • Hit: Predicted Hit Rate – Our estimation of the likelihood the player will secure at least one hit today.
  • HR: Predicted Home Run Rate – Our forecasted odds of the player hitting at least one home run today.
  • SB: Predicted Stolen Base Rate – Our prediction of the chances the player will achieve at least one stolen base today.
  • Run: Predicted Run Rate – Our estimation of the probability the player will score at least one run today.
  • RBI: Predicted RBI Rate – Our projection of the likelihood the player will secure at least one RBI today.
  • Rank: MLB Seasonal Player Ranking – The comprehensive MLB ranking for this player during the current season.
Player Name Pos BO Proj Sal L5 L10 Hit HR SB RUN RBI Rank