NFL Weekly Projections: Forecasting Gridiron Greatness

Venture into the electric stadium of NFL football with DraftEdge’s definitive NFL Weekly Projections. Every week, we bring you the spotlight on the game’s titans, pinpointing their projected prowess amidst the gridiron gladiators of the NFL. Whether you’re a seasoned pigskin veteran or taking your inaugural snap into the world of football stats, our projections offer a deep dive into the anticipated performances of each player. Harness this power to shape unmatched fantasy teams, or relish in the sheer talent of football’s elite. Regardless of your play, this is your exclusive playbook to the NFL’s anticipated highlights. Position filters for QB, RB, WR, and TE available for tailored insights.

Journey into the epicenter of football showdowns with our cutting-edge player projections for the current NFL week. These aren’t just numbers; they are a testament to a player’s potential firepower on the gridiron. Get ready to harness these stats to dominate the fantasy arena, whether you’re venturing with DraftKings or FanDuel.

  • Proj: The grand arena of DFS projection. Toggle between the behemoths: DraftKings or FanDuel, and brace for a fantasy ride.
  • PassYd: Peek into the aerial prowess. This column predicts the total yardage a quarterback will unleash from the pocket.
  • PassTD: Touchdowns via the airwaves! It’s our forecast on the passing touchdowns a player will achieve.
  • RushYd: Sprint into the heart of a player’s ground game. Anticipate the total yardage they’ll rack up on foot.
  • RushTD: The glory runs. This is our projection for rushing touchdowns a player will claim.
  • RecYd: Witness the magic of aerial catches. It’s the expected receiving yards a player will secure.
  • RecTD: Anticipate the moments that light up the scoreboard. This predicts the number of receiving touchdowns a player will achieve.
  • Rec: The magnetism of hands to the ball. It’s our take on the total receptions a player is set to make.
Player Name Pos Proj Sal L5 L10 PassYd PassTD RushYd RecYd Rec TD TEAMNAME