NBA Defense Vs Position: The Ultimate Defensive Analysis

Welcome to DraftEdge’s defensive fortress, where we dissect the nuances of NBA teams’ defensive tendencies against distinct positions. Our Defense Vs Position page isn’t just data; it’s a real-time, constantly updated pulse of defensive strategies based on a 15-game rolling average. Perfect your fantasy lineup strategies and glean insights into team defense dynamics. Let’s dive deep into the realm of blocks, steals, and positional shutdowns. Are you ready to decode the defense?

Our NBA Defense Vs Position breakdown gives you unparalleled insight into the strengths and vulnerabilities of NBA defenses. How does your favorite team fare against point guards or centers? Let our metrics guide your decisions.

  • DFS (DFS Points): The fantasy points each NBA team concedes per 48 minutes at a given position.
  • Rank (Team Ranking): The NBA-wide defensive ranking for each team against a particular position.
  • Avg (NBA Avg): The standard number of points NBA teams allow opponents at a given position.
  • vsAvg (NBA Avg vs Team Avg): The variance between a team’s defensive performance and the NBA average at that position.