MLB Batter Props: Daily Over/Under Projections

Welcome to the pulse of the diamond — where stats meet strategy and predictions come to life. DraftEdge’s MLB Batter Props is your essential guide to today’s over/under odds, serving up expertly curated insights on the game’s most influential players. Navigating the intricate dance of baseball is no small feat, but with our data-driven forecasts, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions that could sway your fantasy lineup to victory. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy player or just beginning your journey into the world of batter props, let our expertise guide your game plan.

Below you’ll find our expert player projections, all color-coded to help you quickly spot the best options. Blue represents an exceptional value, green represents a good value, yellow represents an average value, and red represents an unattracive value.

  • Player Details – Featuring the MLB player’s name, batting order, position, scheduled game time, location, and batter’s perspective on wind direction.
  • Batter Prop Line – The current statistical line for the chosen MLB batter prop.
  • Betting Odds – Displays the moneyline odds when the batter’s performance is expected to surpass the stat line.
  • Implied Probability (IP) – Represents the odds-implied chance of the batter exceeding the established stat line.
  • Performance Over 10 Games – Percentage showcasing the batter’s performance against the stat line in their last 10 games. Performance is color-coded compared to today’s implied probability.
  • Performance Over 20 Games – Percentage highlighting how frequently the batter surpassed the stat line over the last 20 games. Color distinction is based on comparison to today’s implied probability.
  • Last 50 At-Bats (L50) – Demonstrates how often a player reached the given stat in their recent 50 at-bats, with color coding to reflect relative performance.
  • Last 100 At-Bats (L100) – Indicates the frequency a batter achieved the stat during their last 100 at-bats. Color distinction is relative to other player performances.
  • Starting Pitcher’s Last 100 (SP100) – Frequency showcasing how often the projected starting pitcher let opposing batters achieve the stat in their last 100 encounters. The ‘Batters Faced’ tally is calculated cumulatively and might exceed 100. Color coding indicates relative performance.
  • Starting Pitcher’s Last 200 (SP200) – Details the rate at which the projected starting pitcher allowed opposing batters to reach the stat over the last 200 encounters. ‘Batters Faced’ is cumulative and can surpass 200. Color distinction shows relative performance.
  • Ballpark Factor (Park) – Highlights the average number of stats the ballpark permits per team in a single game. The color code offers a comparison across all MLB ballparks.
Player Name Line Odds IP Over10 Over20 L50 L100 PITCHER SP100 SP200 Park