MLB Player Prop Projections

NOTICE: We made some major changes to MLB Player Props but if you prefer the old table format we still actively update this section as well, but it has moved here. Please let us know what you think about this new look and feel. We have been having some rather exciting results with the DraftEdge AI MSE v0.73 algorithm and our systems are constantly trying to beat our benchmarks so we will continue to replace this model as we beat previous results.

DraftEdge presents the MLB Player Prop Projections – your most trusted companion in the world of daily fantasy sports and player prop bets. Venture into a realm where data and analytics coalesce, offering insights derived from player performance, team dynamics, and the pulsating heartbeats of Vegas odds. Ready to command the diamond?

Welcome to the DraftEdge MLB Player Prop Bets guide. Our DraftEdge AI MSE algorithm meticulously evaluates each prop bet, providing a color-coded assessment for easier understanding: Blue (Top Pick) for high confidence selections, Green (Strong Pick) for solid, reliable choices, Yellow (Slightly Favored/Neutral) for moderate suggestions, Red (Avoid) for picks best avoided.

Explore further with our interactive tabs: Odds for a comprehensive comparison of betting lines, Logs for recent player performances, Splits for in-depth player analysis over various periods and conditions, and Charts illustrating the last 20 games, with green and red bars indicating performance relative to the line.