MLB Current Schedule & Odds: Your Essential Guide

Welcome to the heartbeat of Major League Baseball on DraftEdge. Immerse yourself in the freshest MLB Schedule and Odds, underpinned by precise data points — weather, recent performances, head-to-head matchups, and those pivotal Vegas odds. This isn’t just a page; it’s your comprehensive dashboard for today’s action on the diamond. Whether you’re strategizing for your next fantasy pick or simply gearing up for the day’s games, our insights equip you with the edge. Dive deep, stay updated, and let DraftEdge be your guiding light through the MLB season.

Delve into our meticulously crafted MLB Schedule and Odds insights. Here, we break down each element, from Vegas odds to weather, so you can leverage this data when crafting your fantasy lineup or simply enjoying the game.

  • Vegas Odds (Moneyline): Understanding the +150 or -200 figures — the former indicates the underdog, where a bet of $100 returns $150. The latter denotes the favorite, where you need to bet $200 to win $100.
  • Performance L100: A glance at a team’s performance over their last 100 games, offering a deeper perspective on their consistency and form.
  • Away/Home (Last Month): This showcases whether a team plays at their home stadium or away, along with their performance metrics for the past month in that setting.
  • Performance L10: Zeroing in on the most recent 10 games, this metric offers a snapshot of the team’s current form and momentum.
  • Weather Forecast: Hot and humid conditions often favor hitters as the ball travels farther. Wind direction is also pivotal; wind blowing out boosts hitters, while the reverse benefits pitchers. Stay ahead with our forecasts.
8:15 PM EST
8.5 O/U




90-72 55.6% 90-72 55.6%
A: 40-40 50.0% H: 39-41 48.8%
L10: 6-4 60.0% L10: 4-6 40.0%
Sunny at Minute Maid Park with a 57° temp and 67% humidity. The wind is blowing in from right field at 11MPH.