Deciphering the NHL’s Starting Goalie Projections

Dive into DraftEdge’s NHL Starting Goalie Projections, crafted for the aficionados of the crease. Equipped with today’s goalie stat projections, determine the over/under potential of each netminder. Our data, gleaned from historical performances and current matchups, places you in the captain’s chair, offering an unfiltered view of today’s goaltending landscape.

Every projection is the product of rigorous analysis, blending the currents of past achievements with the winds of today’s matchups. Navigate the goaltending seas with confidence, equipped with our precise projections.

  • Sal (Platform Salary): Today’s designated salary for each starting goalie on the selected platform.
  • Status (Goalie Status): An informed estimation of a goalie’s likelihood to start in today’s match, ensuring you’re banking on active players.
  • Proj (Platform Projection): Our comprehensive projection of the fantasy points a goalie is anticipated to secure on the selected platform today.
  • Val (Platform Value): A metric to determine points accrued per $1k spent, ensuring you get the maximum bang for your buck.