NFL Defense vs. Position Analysis: Mastering the Matchups

Delve into the intricate dance of football strategy with DraftEdge’s thorough NFL Defense vs. Position Analysis. Week by week, we unravel the threads that define a player’s success against varying defenses. Unearth which offensive talents break through even the toughest lines and which defenses stifle the brightest stars. Perfect for both fantasy league enthusiasts and avid football analysts, our breakdowns shed light on the unseen patterns and tendencies of the NFL. Whether you’re refining your fantasy lineup or simply savoring the strategic depth of football, our analysis is your compass. Dive in and discover targeted insights for QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs.

Dive deep into the heart of the NFL’s defensive intricacies. Our chart offers a birds-eye view, revealing how NFL teams defend against pivotal positions like QB, WR, RB, and TE. Use these insights to strategize your fantasy matchups and decipher the hidden strengths and vulnerabilities of every defense.

  • Rank: The defense’s overall ranking against a given position. A lower score indicates a formidable defense.
  • Avg: Denotes the average fantasy points a position secures per game against a specific defense.
  • vsNFL: A measure of how a defense fares against the NFL average in terms of points allowed to a position. Scores above the mean suggest a weakness; those below indicate strength.
  • vsNFL%: A percentage-based evaluation. If a defense lets a WR score 25% more than the NFL average, it’s an Achilles’ heel worth targeting in your fantasy matchups.

NFL Teams Defense Vs Positions

This chart is similiar to the graph above showing a sortable table of how the NFL performs at QB, WR, RB and TE against each team's defense on average. A low ranking and means this team struggles at defending a given position.

Rank: Overall defensive ranking against the selected position. The lower the score the stronger the defense.

Avg: The average amount of fantasy points produced per game by the selected position against the team's defense.

vsNFL: The amount of fantasy points above or below the NFL avg the selected team allows scored against them by the selected position

vsNFL%: Same as above but in a perecent format. If a team allows 25% more points than the NFL average against a WR they are weak defending that position and should be a considered target for opposing WR's and vice-a-versa.