Today’s MLB Batter Projections

The following players are projected to be part of the starting batting order and projections are based off that forecast.
  • DK (Projected Pts Today on DraftKings)
  • FD (Projected Pts Today on FanDuel)
  • PA (Plate Appearance) – The total number of plate appearances over the last 45 days
  • HIT (Hits) – % batter has got a hit per plate appearance
  • BB (Bases on Balls) – % batter has walked per plate appearance
  • HR (Home Run) % batter has hit a home run per plate appearance
  • SB (Stolen Base) % batter has stolen a base per plate appearance
  • RUN (Runs) % batter has scored a run per plate a appearance
  • RBI (RBI) Total % of RBIs generated from each plate apperance
  • Rank (Batter’s DFS rank over the last 45 days)
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