Today’s MLB Batter Projection Odds

The following players are projected to be part of the starting batting order and projections are based off that forecast.
  • BO (Batting Order) what order in the lineup the player is expected to bat
  • Proj Projected DFS pts) toggle to either DraftKings or FanDuel
  • Pit (Pitcher Ranking) The opposing teams starting pitcher overall ranking.
  • Hit (Hit) % batter will get at least one (1) hit today
  • HR (Home Run) % batter will hit at least one (1) home run today
  • SB (Stolen Base) % batter will steal at least one (1) base today
  • RUN (Run) % batter will score at least one (1) run today
  • RBI (RBI) % batter will drive at least one (1) run in today
  • RNK (Batter Ranking) Batter’s DFS rank over the last 30 days