NFL Teams Defense Vs Positions

The graph below is a 5 Game moving average on how each NFL Team defends vs the QB, RB, WR, and TE positions. The darker the green color the more points they give up to that position relative to the rest of the NFL.

Bad Defense Example: Notice on the chart below the cross section for QB and DET is a dark green. This indicates DET sucks at defending the QB and gives up more DFS points for that position than any other team in the league.

Good Defense Example: By contrast SF's defense are absolute beasts at defending the run. Their cross section is a bright white and running backs tend to get shut down when playing their defense as they show much less run production when you hover over their section.

NFL Teams Defense Vs Positions

This chart is similiar to the graph above showing a sortable table of how the NFL performs at QB, WR, RB and TE against each team's defense on average. A low ranking and means this team struggles at defending a given position.

Rank: Overall defensive ranking against the selected position. The lower the score the stronger the defense.

Avg: The average amount of fantasy points produced per game by the selected position against the team's defense.

vsNFL: The amount of fantasy points above or below the NFL avg the selected team allows scored against them by the selected position

vsNFL%: Same as above but in a perecent format. If a team allows 25% more points than the NFL average against a WR they are weak defending that position and should be a considered target for opposing WR's and vice-a-versa.