Dominate the Competition with Favorable Player Matchups

This page is all about identifying players who have favorable matchups based on their individual statistics and the defensive strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. By selecting a specific stat and comparing a player’s average performance in that stat against the opponent’s defensive ranking, users can gain valuable insights into which players are likely to have the most success on a given night.

  • Stat: The selected statistical category being analyzed
  • Avg: The player’s average per game in the chosen stat
  • Rank: The player’s overall ranking among all other NBA players at the chosen stat
  • Opp: The opponent the player is facing
  • Opp Def: The opponent’s defense in terms of the chosen stat, measured in total allowed per game
  • Opp Rank: The opponent’s ranking among all other NBA teams in defending against the chosen stat
  • Diff: The difference between the player’s average per game in the chosen stat and the opponent’s defense in that stat per game, measured against the league average.