Guide to Understanding Our NBA Player Projection Page

Above you’ll find our expert player projections, all color-coded to help you quickly spot the best options. Blue represents a projection value above 8 (exceptional), green represents a value above 6 (good), yellow represents a value above 4 (average), and red represents a value under 4 (avoid). With this, you can have an instant glimpse of the top players to include in your lineups.

Moreover, the page features several columns packed with valuable information to assist you in your selections. These include:

  • Proj: Player Projection – Our expert estimate of the fantasy points the player will score today.
  • Sal: DFS Salary – The cost of the player on DraftKings or FanDuel.
  • L5: Average DFS Points in last 5 Games – A snapshot of the player’s recent performance.
  • L10: Average DFS Points in Last 10 Games – An extended view of the player’s performance over the last 10 games
  • Ceil: Maximum Expected Points within one standard deviation – Gives you an idea of the player’s highest potential.
  • Pts: Projected Points – Our prediction of the number of points the player will score
  • Reb: Projected Rebounds – Our estimation of how many rebounds the player will grab.
  • Ast: Projected Assists – Our prediction of how many assists the player will have
  • Opp: Opponent – The team the player will be facing
  • vOpp: Average DFS Points against this Opponent – A glimpse of the player’s previous performance against this particular team
  • Def: Overall NBA Defense Rating – this indicates how good the opposing team is in defending players of that position, the lower the number the better they are at it.

Are you ready to dominate your NBA daily fantasy sports contests? Our Player Projection page is your secret weapon. With our color-coding system, you can quickly identify the cream of the crop and make smarter, more informed decisions.

Looking for a player on a hot streak? Check out the L5 and L10 columns to spot any trends and take advantage of a player’s current momentum. And with our Ceil column, you can identify those high-upside players who have the potential to go off for a big game.

Want to know how a player performs against a specific opponent? The Opp and vOpp columns have got you covered. And our Def column gives you insight into the opposing team’s defensive performance, helping you identify favorable matchups for your players.

In short, our Player Projection page is a game-changer. Use it in combination with our other features and watch as you ascend to the top of the leaderboards and make your mark in the world of NBA daily fantasy sports.

Player Name Pos ProjSal L5 L10 Ceil Pts Reb Ast Opp vOpp Def