DeRozan’s Daughter Wreaks Havoc: The Tiny MVP Who Torpedoed the Raptors’ Free Throws!


Last night’s Bulls game had a pint-sized MVP who went under the radar. Yeah, Zach LaVine scored 39 points, but the real show-stopper was none other than nine-year-old Diar DeRozan, daughter of Bulls star DeMar DeRozan. This little firecracker, perched in the stands, unleashed her ear-shattering screams on the unsuspecting Raptors at the free-throw line.

The box score doesn’t lie—Raptors blew 18 of their 36 free throw attempts in their 109-105 loss. A mind-blowing 50 percent tanked! Coincidence? Hell no! Diar’s deafening screeches worked their devilish magic. Just take a listen, if you dare:

The Raptors’ season went down the drain as Diar single-handedly (or should we say single-voicedly) decimated their free throw game. Daddy DeRozan couldn’t have been prouder of his tiny noise assassin:

The Bulls take on the Heat in a play-in game on Friday night, gunning for that No. 8 seed to square off against top-seeded Milwaukee in the NBA playoffs’ first round. If Diar’s vocal cords of steel make an appearance in Miami (no pesky school night this time), the Heat are in for a world of hurt. Mark our words: Diar DeRozan, the mini MVP armed with eardrum-busting power and a talent for crushing opponents’ free throw dreams.

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May 19, 2024 at 11:23 am by thefield

The Secret Weapon of Fantasy Champions: Our DFS Optimizer
The Secret Weapon of Fantasy Champions: Our DFS Optimizer

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