Strategy and Stats for 04/28/24 NBA Daily Fantasy Slate


As the clock strikes 01:00 PM EST today, the NBA presents a thrilling lineup of 4 games, each promising its own set of fantasy fireworks. Highlighting today’s action, the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Indiana Pacers at Gainbridge Fieldhouse at 07:00 PM EST. With an Over/Under set at a robust 216.0, this game is expected to be a fantasy goldmine. Fantasy managers should keep a keen eye on key players from each position, as today’s games are stacked with top-tier talent poised to rack up significant points. This primer sets the stage for an in-depth analysis of matchups and player performances that could make or break your fantasy lineup.

GameTime Away Team Home Team O/U Fav
01:00 PM EST Knicks 2-1 76ers 2-2 209.0 PHI -5.5
03:30 PM EST Clippers 1-2 Mavericks 2-1 208.5 DAL -5.5
07:00 PM EST Bucks 1-2 Pacers 2-1 216.0 IND -10.0
09:30 PM EST Timberwolves 3-0 Suns 0-3 212.5 MIN -1.0

Top PG Picks for Today’s DFS Slate

Luka Doncic ($11800), Dallas Mavericks – Projected 68.6 pts

Luka Doncic continues to be a powerhouse in daily fantasy sports, especially evident in his recent performances. Over the last five games, Doncic has averaged 59.3 fantasy points per game, with notable contributions across the board including 31.0 points, 8.6 assists, and 10.0 rebounds. Despite a slight dip compared to his previous five-game stretch, his increased field goal efficiency and high volume shooting (25.0 shots per game) keep him highly relevant. Facing the Clippers’ mid-ranked defense against PGs, Doncic’s comprehensive skill set and 5.8 DFS value score make him a strong candidate for any roster.

Tyrese Haliburton ($8700), Indiana Pacers – Projected 51.2 pts

Tyrese Haliburton is making waves as a top pick for DFS, particularly with his impressive assist and rebound numbers. In his last five outings, Haliburton has managed an average of 44.7 fantasy points, supported by 17.6 points, a high of 10.6 assists, and 6.4 rebounds per game. His shooting accuracy stands out at an exceptional 75.0% from the field, although his three-point shooting has seen a decrease. With the Pacers set to go up against the Bucks, who rank #23 against PGs, Haliburton’s role as a facilitator and scorer is crucial. His 5.9 DFS value score highlights him as a strong value pick in today’s games.

Shooting Guard Daily Fantasy Analysis

Malik Beasley ($4400), Milwaukee Bucks – Projected 22.3 pts

Malik Beasley’s recent performances have shown a slight dip in fantasy points, moving from an average of 15.1 to 12.2 points over the last five games. Despite this decrease, his scoring has actually improved slightly, and his exceptional 77.8% field goal shooting is noteworthy. However, his assists have taken a hit, dropping from 2.0 to 0.6 per game. His next matchup against the Pacers, who rank 7th in defense against SGs, poses a challenging scenario. With a DraftKings salary of $4400 and a projected point total of 22.3, Beasley offers a 5.1 DFS value score, positioning him as a strong value pick for the upcoming slate.

Eric Gordon ($4000), Phoenix Suns – Projected 15.4 pts

Eric Gordon’s fantasy output has seen a significant improvement in his last five games, jumping from 8.7 to 16.2 daily fantasy points. This increase is supported by a notable rise in his scoring, assists, and rebounds. Despite a lower field goal percentage of 35.7%, his three-point shooting has improved. Facing the Timberwolves next, who have a strong defense ranked 4th against SGs, could be challenging. Gordon’s lower DraftKings salary of $4000 and a projected point total of 15.4 result in a 3.8 DFS value score, indicating a less favorable value in this matchup.

Top Small Forward Picks for Today’s DFS Slate

Khris Middleton ($7900), Milwaukee Bucks – Projected 46.4 pts

As we delve into the fantasy potential of Khris Middleton, his recent performances suggest a robust uptick in productivity. Middleton’s last five games have seen him average 41.3 daily fantasy points, a notable increase from his previous set of games. His scoring has been particularly impressive, with an average of 22.0 points per game on a stellar shooting efficiency of 62.3% from the field and 45.5% from three-point range. Despite facing the Pacers, who are ranked #4 in defense against SFs, Middleton’s consistent playmaking and rebounding abilities, with 6.0 assists and 7.6 rebounds per game, position him as a strong contender in DFS. His DFS value score of 5.9 underscores his strong value at a $7900 salary, making him an essential consideration for today’s fantasy lineups.

Kelly Oubre Jr. ($6100), Philadelphia 76ers – Projected 26.4 pts

Kelly Oubre Jr.’s fantasy outlook presents a mixed bag of recent performances and upcoming opportunities. Over his last five outings, Oubre Jr. has averaged 28.1 daily fantasy points, a decrease from his more prolific performances in the preceding games. Scoring 13.4 points per game on 50.0% shooting, his production has dipped, alongside a decrease in assists and rebounds. However, the upcoming matchup against the Knicks, who rank #27 against SFs, might offer a rebound opportunity. Despite the recent downturn, Oubre Jr.’s DFS value score of 4.3 at a $6100 salary reflects his potential as a core value pick, especially considering the weaker opposition defense.

Top Power Forward Picks for Today’s DFS Slate

Kevin Durant ($8100), Phoenix Suns – Projected 45.7 pts

Kevin Durant continues to be a dominant force on the court, showcasing his prowess in the latest five-game stretch with an average of 39.1 daily fantasy points. Despite a slight dip in fantasy points and assists compared to the previous five games, Durant’s scoring ability remains robust, averaging 25.2 points per game with a solid shooting efficiency of 57.6% from the field. His matchup against the Timberwolves, who rank #13 in defense against PFs, positions him as a valuable asset for today’s DFS. His projected DFS value score of 5.6 underscores his strong potential to outperform his $8100 salary, making him a compelling pick for any lineup.

PJ Washington ($6500), Dallas Mavericks – Projected 28.1 pts

PJ Washington’s recent performance has shown some variability, with a notable decrease in fantasy points, points, and rebounds in his last five games compared to the previous set. However, his shooting accuracy remains high at 60.0% from the field. Facing the Clippers, who have a strong defensive stance at #6 against PFs, Washington’s challenge is steep. His average of 26.1 daily fantasy points in the recent stretch and a DFS value score of 4.3 position him as a core value pick. While not as explosive as top-tier options, Washington’s consistent field goal performance and lower salary could provide strategic depth to DFS rosters.

Center Position Daily Fantasy Analysis

Joel Embiid ($12400), Philadelphia 76ers – Projected 65.6 pts

Joel Embiid’s recent performances have been nothing short of spectacular, marking him as a dominant force on the fantasy basketball front. Over his last five games, Embiid has averaged a robust 62.3 daily fantasy points, significantly up from his previous five-game stretch where he averaged 39.9 points. His scoring has surged to 36.4 points per game, coupled with 10.0 rebounds and 6.2 assists, showing his all-around contribution. Embiid’s shooting accuracy remains impressive at 50.7% from the field and an excellent 42.5% from three-point range. Facing the Knicks, who rank #22 against centers, Embiid’s matchup looks favorable. Despite his high salary, his DFS value score stands at 5.3, categorizing him as a strong value pick for the upcoming slate.

Rudy Gobert ($7200), Minnesota Timberwolves – Projected 44.1 pts

Rudy Gobert continues to be a reliable fantasy asset, especially in the rebounding department. In his recent outings, Gobert has pulled down an impressive 14.6 rebounds per game, contributing significantly to his average of 43.4 fantasy points over the last five games. This marks a noticeable improvement from his previous performances, where he averaged 33.7 points. His field goal efficiency is exceptional, shooting at an astounding 82.1%, although he does not contribute from beyond the arc. Despite a challenging upcoming game against the Suns, who are ranked #4 in defense against centers, Gobert’s consistent performance and lower salary give him an elite DFS value score of 6.1. This makes him an excellent value pick for fantasy managers looking for high impact at a lower cost.

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