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Welcome to today’s exhilarating NBA fantasy slate, featuring three must-watch games kicking off at 07:00 PM EST. The spotlight shines brightest on the Indiana Pacers as they gear up to challenge the Milwaukee Bucks at the Fiserv Forum, with a late start at 09:30 PM EST. This marquee matchup, boasting an Over/Under of 215.5, promises a plethora of scoring opportunities, making it a goldmine for fantasy points. As you set your lineups, keep an eye on the top projected players across positions; their performances tonight could be pivotal. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each game, providing you with all the stats, insights, and analysis you need to dominate your daily fantasy contests.

GameTime Away Team Home Team O/U Fav
07:00 PM EST 76ers 2-3 Knicks 3-1 203.5 NYK -4.0
08:00 PM EST Magic 2-2 Cavaliers 2-2 201.5 CLE -5.0
09:30 PM EST Pacers 3-1 Bucks 1-3 215.5 IND -4.0

Top PG Picks for Today’s DFS Lineup

Jalen Brunson ($11800), New York Knicks – Projected 54.9 pts

Jalen Brunson’s recent performances have been a mixed bag, but his high usage rate keeps him in the spotlight for DFS. Over the last five games, Brunson has averaged 53.1 fantasy points, a slight dip from his previous five-game stretch where he posted 62.3. Despite a decrease in scoring from 39.5 points to 32.4 points and a significant drop in shooting efficiency (field goal percentage down from 55.3% to 43.9% and three-point shooting from 42.9% to 29.4%), Brunson’s ability to rack up assists and minutes (averaging 40.9 minutes per game) keeps him relevant. Facing the 76ers, who rank 10th in defense against PGs, poses a challenge, yet Brunson’s volume of play and pivotal role in the Knicks’ offense render him a 4.7 DFS value score player, marking him as a core value pick for today’s slate.

Tyrese Haliburton ($8700), Indiana Pacers – Projected 44.5 pts

Tyrese Haliburton continues to impress with his all-around game, making him a strong candidate in DFS circles. In his last five outings, Haliburton has maintained a steady production of 42.2 fantasy points per game, nearly unchanged from his previous five-game average. His scoring slightly decreased to 16.4 points per game, but his assists and rebounds have seen a positive shift, especially with rebounds jumping from 3.2 to 6.2 per game. His exceptional 70.8% shooting from the field recently highlights his efficiency. Despite a less favorable 31.8% from three-point range, Haliburton’s increased minutes (up to 37.6 from 33.1) and his matchup against the Bucks’ 20th-ranked defense against PGs position him as a 5.1 DFS value score player, indicating strong value for today’s games.

Shooting Guard Daily Fantasy Analysis

Malik Beasley ($4600), Milwaukee Bucks – Projected 23.1 pts

Malik Beasley’s recent surge in performance makes him an intriguing option for today’s DFS slate. Over his last five games, Beasley has not only increased his scoring output to 10.0 points per game from 6.8, but his shooting accuracy has been phenomenal, hitting 76.9% from the field and 45.5% from three-point range. Despite a slight reduction in minutes and assists, his elevated scoring efficiency and consistent rebounding contribute positively to his fantasy value. Facing the Pacers, who rank #7 in defense against SGs, Beasley’s ability to maintain his shooting efficiency will be key. With a DraftKings salary of $4600 and a 5.0 DFS value score, he holds strong value in today’s matchups.

Gary Harris ($3700), Orlando Magic – Projected 15.1 pts

Gary Harris presents a more modest option in today’s DFS lineup. His performance has seen a downturn in the recent stretch, with a notable decrease in points per game from 6.5 to 4.4 and a significant drop in field goal percentage to 14.3%. Despite playing an average of 28.9 minutes, his impact on the court hasn’t translated into fantasy points as effectively as desired. However, his lower DraftKings salary of $3700 and a 4.1 DFS value score suggest he could be a core value pick, especially if he can find his shooting rhythm against the Cavaliers, who are the 4th toughest defense against SGs. Harris’s ability to bounce back could be pivotal for fantasy managers looking for a budget-friendly player with potential upside.

Daily Fantasy Sports: Spotlight on Small Forwards

Khris Middleton ($8500), Milwaukee Bucks – Projected 53.5 pts

As we dive into the fantasy potential of Khris Middleton, it’s clear he’s on a hot streak. Over his last five games, Middleton has been a powerhouse, averaging 43.8 daily fantasy points. This is a significant uptick from his previous five-game stretch where he averaged 35.8 points. His scoring has surged to 24.6 points per game, complemented by 5.2 assists and 8.4 rebounds. Despite a slight dip in shooting accuracy from previous games (58.2% from the field and 36.4% from three-point range), his overall impact remains substantial. Facing the Pacers, who rank #9 against SFs, Middleton’s comprehensive skill set and increased court time (35.0 minutes per game recently) position him as an elite fantasy option with a DFS Value Score of 6.3.

Franz Wagner ($7100), Orlando Magic – Projected 36.1 pts

Franz Wagner has been making waves for the Orlando Magic, showcasing his ability to consistently contribute across the board. In his latest outings, Wagner has averaged 41.2 daily fantasy points, a notable improvement from his 31.1 points in earlier games. His scoring stands strong at 22.0 points per game, along with 4.0 assists and 7.6 rebounds. His shooting efficiency remains impressive at 56.1% from the field, although slightly down from his previous blistering 64.7%. Additionally, his three-point shooting has improved to 36.4%. Wagner’s increased role, reflected in his 36.1 average minutes on the court, makes him a strong value pick against the Cavaliers’ tough defense against SFs, with a DFS Value Score of 5.1.

Top Power Forward Picks for Today’s DFS Slate

Paolo Banchero ($8200), Orlando Magic – Projected 42.5 pts

Paolo Banchero continues to be a powerhouse for the Orlando Magic, especially in the realm of daily fantasy sports. Over his last five games, Banchero has posted an impressive average of 41.6 fantasy points, with a solid contribution across the board including 21.4 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game. Despite a slight dip in scoring and field goal percentage compared to his previous five-game stretch, his overall performance remains robust. Notably, his three-point shooting has seen a significant improvement, jumping from 16.7% to 32.1%. With an average of 36.2 minutes on the court, his involvement in the game is undeniable. Facing the Cavaliers next, who rank 8th in defense against PFs, Banchero’s matchup is tough but his high involvement and skill set should prevail. His DFS value score stands at 5.2, marking him as a strong value pick at a salary of $8200.

Obi Toppin ($4000), Indiana Pacers – Projected 16.3 pts

Obi Toppin of the Indiana Pacers presents a more budget-friendly option in today’s DFS lineup. Over his recent five-game stretch, Toppin has averaged 19.9 fantasy points, contributing 10.2 points and 4.6 rebounds per game. While his assists and rebound numbers have seen a slight decrease from the previous set of games, his field goal efficiency remains exceptionally high at 69.2%. However, his three-point accuracy has dropped dramatically to 21.1%. Playing an average of 16.9 minutes per game, Toppin’s role is less prominent than Banchero’s, but his efficiency in scoring keeps him relevant in DFS considerations. Against the Bucks, who are ranked 18th against PFs, Toppin might find more opportunities to exploit. His DFS value score is 4.1, categorizing him as a core value pick at his current salary.

Center Court: Analyzing Top Daily Fantasy Picks

Joel Embiid ($13400), Philadelphia 76ers – Projected 61.9 pts

Joel Embiid has been a dominant force in recent games, showcasing his ability to rack up significant fantasy points. Over his last five games, Embiid has averaged a stellar 59.2 daily fantasy points, driven by his impressive scoring average of 34.4 points per game and nearly double-digit rebounds. His performance metrics show a notable improvement from his previous five-game stretch, where he averaged 40.7 fantasy points. Despite a slight dip in three-point shooting accuracy, his overall field goal percentage remains strong at 48.0%. Looking ahead, Embiid faces the Knicks, who rank 16th in defensive efficiency against centers. Given his high DraftKings salary of $13400 and a DFS value score of 4.6, Embiid remains a core value pick for the upcoming slate.

Myles Turner ($7200), Indiana Pacers – Projected 40.7 pts

Myles Turner’s recent performances have solidified his status as a strong value pick in daily fantasy sports. Over his last five outings, Turner has averaged 43.5 daily fantasy points, a significant increase from his previous average of 31.3. His scoring has been particularly effective, with an average of 22.8 points per game on a robust 52.4% shooting from the field. Additionally, Turner’s three-point shooting has been exceptional at 46.2%. His next challenge comes against the Bucks, who possess the 7th ranked defense against centers. With a DFS value score of 5.7 and a more accessible DraftKings salary of $7200, Turner offers strong value and could be a pivotal player in DFS lineups.

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