NBA Player Prop Projections: (Old Version)

DraftEdge presents the NBA Player Prop Projections – your most trusted companion in the world of daily fantasy sports and player prop bets. Venture into a realm where data and analytics coalesce, offering insights derived from player performance, team dynamics, and the pulsating heartbeats of Vegas odds. Ready to command the court?

Immerse yourself in a symphony of analytics, where each column is a note, and every stat is part of an opus. To elevate your strategy, DraftEdge offers color codes that translate stats into visual cues: Green: The player has consistently exceeded the prop >60% of the time. Yellow: Occurrences range between 40-60%. Red: They’ve surpassed the prop <40% of the time.

  • Proj: DraftEdge’s daily projection of a specific player stat.
  • Prop: The pulsating Vegas line for that specific stat.
  • Diff: A delta between our projection and the Vegas line, spotlighting consensus deviations.
  • L5, L10, L50: A delve into historical performance – showcasing times a player has surpassed the prop line over the last 5, 10, and 50 games respectively.
  • Vs: Historical prowess against the current opponent.
  • Opp: The competing team the player challenges in today’s face-off.
  • Stat: An x-ray into how the rival team contends against specific player stats and positions.
  • Rank: A leaderboard placement for the opponent’s defensive capabilities against that specific stat and position.
Prop Over % Opposing Defense/Game
Player Team Proj Prop Diff L5 L10 L50 Vs Opp Stat Rank