MLB DFS Picks, Props, and Plays for August 19th: Saturday’s Winning Strategies


Step Up to the Plate: Your Daily Fantasy Sports Rundown

Alright, sports junkies! It's time to dive into the madness of today's Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) slate. We've got 15 games on deck, with the first pitch being hurled at 1:05 PM EST. It's a classic rivalry showdown between the Red Sox and the Yankees at the iconic Yankee Stadium. Let's get into it!

Batter Up: The DFS Hitters on Fire 🔥

Over the last two weeks, these guys have been smashing it out of the park:

  • Julio Rodriguez is leading the pack with a whopping 28 hits out of 60 at-bats, averaging 0.467, and has racked up 4 HRs and 21 RBIs. He's up against Framber Valdez today, who's sitting on a 3.31 ERA. Valdez last pitched on 08/14, allowing 4 runs on 6 hits after facing 30 batters.
  • Next up, Matt Olson has been on a tear with 19 hits out of 57 at-bats, averaging 0.333, and has smashed 6 HRs and 17 RBIs. He's facing Logan Webb today, who's got a 3.62 ERA. Webb last pitched on 08/13, allowing 1 run on 6 hits after facing 33 batters.
  • Bobby Witt Jr. is also making waves with 19 hits out of 54 at-bats, averaging 0.352, and has hit 5 HRs and 14 RBIs. He's up against Justin Steele today, who's got a 3.21 ERA. Steele last pitched on 08/12, allowing 3 runs on 6 hits after facing 21 batters.
  • Jose Altuve is also lighting it up with 22 hits out of 50 at-bats, averaging 0.440, and has hit 2 HRs and 9 RBIs. He's facing Logan Gilbert today, who's got a 3.93 ERA. Gilbert last pitched on 08/14, allowing 4 runs on 7 hits after facing 21 batters.

And let's not forget Marcell Ozuna from ATL, who's currently riding a 15-game hit streak. 🔥

Pitch Perfect: Today's Top DFS Pitchers

Now, let's talk about the guys on the mound:

  • Framber Valdez from HOU is bringing the heat with an ERA of 3.67, 148 KOs in 23 games, and has faced 602 batters while allowing 15 HRs.
  • Tyler Glasnow from TB is also a force to be reckoned with, boasting an ERA of 3.25, 103 KOs in 13 games, and has faced 301 batters while allowing 9 HRs.
  • Tanner Bibee from CLE is another one to watch, with an ERA of 3.06, 106 KOs in 19 games, and has faced 451 batters while allowing 10 HRs.

The Showdowns: Today's DFS Matchups to Watch

Now, let's talk about the matchups that have caught our eye. Here are the top three:

🔥 Red Sox (+140) vs Yankees (-168) 8.0 O/U

First up, we've got the Red Sox taking on the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. The Sox's pitcher, Kutter Crawford, has a 3.80 ERA and has faced 368 batters, while the Yanks' Gerrit Cole has a 2.76 ERA and has faced 623 batters. The Yankees are struggling to score runs, averaging just 3.8 per game, but their home field is one of the top 3 ballparks for HRs, allowing 1.50 per game. This could be a low-scoring affair, making the under a tempting bet.

❄️ Royals (+169) vs Cubs (-208) 9.5 O/U

Next, we've got the Royals squaring off against the Cubs. The Royals' Brady Singer has a 4.91 ERA and has faced 582 batters, while the Cubs' Justin Steele has a 3.21 ERA and has faced 523 batters. The Cubs are one of the highest run-scoring teams in baseball, averaging 6.1 per game, and their bats rank #2 overall. This could be a high-scoring game, making the over a solid bet.

🔥 Phillies (-153) vs Nationals (+128) 9.5 O/U

Finally, we've got the Phillies taking on the Nationals. The Phillies' Cristopher Sanchez has a 3.39 ERA and has faced 231 batters, while the Nats' Jake Irvin has a 4.86 ERA and has faced 398 batters. This could be a close game, and with the Phillies' slightly better pitching, we like their chances.

The Money Shot: Our Favorite Pick of the Day

After weighing in the odds, pitchers, over/under, etc., our favorite pick of the day is the Cubs at -208. Their high-scoring offense and solid pitching make them a strong bet. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 🍀

🏁 Home Run Prop Favorites

🥇Aaron Judge NYY +186

Aaron Judge is a powerhouse, with a homerun percentage of 9.78% and a recent performance of 3 homeruns in the last two weeks. Facing off against Kutter Crawford, who has a high ERA of 3.80 and gives up a homer 3.8% of the time, the odds are in Judge's favor. The weather at Yankee Stadium is partly cloudy, with an 8MPH wind blowing towards the right field, which could potentially aid in carrying the ball out of the park.

🥈Kyle Schwarber PHI +240

Kyle Schwarber has been on a tear with a 7.27% homerun rate and 5 homeruns in the past two weeks. He's up against Jake Irvin who has a high ERA of 4.86 and gives up a homer 4.3% of the time. The weather at Nationals Park is sunny with a 9MPH wind blowing towards the left field, which could help Schwarber's chances of knocking one out of the park.

🥉Corey Seager TEX +390

Corey Seager has a solid homerun percentage of 7.02% and has hit 6 homeruns in the last two weeks. He's facing Freddy Peralta who has a high ERA of 4.01 and gives up a homer 3.6% of the time. The weather at Globe Life Field is sunny with a 4MPH wind blowing towards the right field, which could potentially assist in a homerun.

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